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Traveling into the future: what do we know about time travel?



Not only science fiction writers write about time travel. In recent years, several people have appeared on the Internet at once who claim to have traveled to the future. Only time travelers bring news not the most cloudless: advances in science and technology do not solve all the problems of civilization.

Time travelers know our future: they’ve been there!

In the pages of science fiction novels or in movies, travels to the future, full of exciting adventures, look much more attractive than dull everyday life. Therefore, people readily read about time travel, hoping to hear a beckoning “voice from a beautiful distance”, and on such a hot topic as time travelers, news instantly takes off to the top. Remember the testimonies of people who claim to have seen the future – in just a few years we will know what their predictions are wort

Travels to the future of mysterious Noah: the polygraph gives the go-ahead!
Many amazing stories of time travel originate on the YouTube channel Apex TV, which specializes in supernatural phenomena. Last year, the channel posted an intriguing video: someone named Noah, while undergoing a lie detector test, said that he was in 2030. Moreover, some of the prophecies can be verified in the near future

During the time travel, Noah learned that Donald Trump would be re-elected and succeeded by the man who would make a terrible mistake and unleash a series of disasters in the United States. Then the state will be headed by Yolanda Renee King, granddaughter of the famous fighter for the rights of blacks Martin Luther King. Noah also promises dramatic changes in life:

  • in 2028 there will be a flight to Mars and the first official time travel
  • it will get much hotter in North America, and it will get colder in Europe
  • chores will be performed by robots
  • many forms of cancer will be curable
  • technologies of radical rejuvenation will appear

It looks like Noah will not be given more than thirty, but he assures that he is actually 50 years old – and all thanks to anti-aging procedures from the future!

Skeptics point out that Noah, like many seers and time travelers, does not specify facts. There are also questions for Yolanda’s presidency. The girl is now only nine years old. At the time of taking office, she is barely 21 years old, and in the United States, it is allowed to run for the presidency from 35 years old. However, Noah is confident that for Yolanda’s sake, the US Constitution will be amended.

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