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[LOOK] 10 of the world’s most stunning black sand beaches


And in cold winter and cozy summer, we draw in our imagination pictures from distant islands with ideal beaches. Clear sea, coconut trees, and warm golden sand …

But today we will turn your idea of a tropical paradise and tell you that the most fantastic landscapes are born where the stereotypes of snow-white are broken. The world’s most stunning volcanic sand beaches in our review.

Ajuy beach, Fuerteventura


The Canary Islands are a treasure trove of volcanoes and unearthly landscapes. Fuerteventura is much more common with the usual golden beaches. It is better to choose them for families with children and swimming. Due to the abrupt descent into the water, sharp stones, lack of tourist infrastructure, the beach cannot be called comfortable for an ordinary summer vacation. But the color of this place and the proximity to the wildlife park create an atmosphere of privacy and harmony on the coast.

Puerto Naos, La Palma

Puerto Naos in the Canary Islands has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and picturesque nature. There are usually a lot of vacationers here, and this is facilitated by a developed infrastructure: hotels, restaurants, shops. The embankment, decorated with palm trees and sun loungers according to all beach canons, stretches for 500 meters. There are huge banana groves nearby, where you can hide from the sun.

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