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Traveling to the USA on your own: a trip to America, or what is worth going to the States for


When I think of America, I think of it as a completely different world. Not better than ours, not worse, but simply different. I see most of the continent as a former ocean. This is the ocean floor without water, and therefore the country is so mysterious and unique. The nature of the States is unlike any other country, but at the same time, while traveling around the United States, you can find your own, near and dear ones. It is not without reason that the Americans call their cities by their existing names: Moscow, Syracuse, and so on.

Travel to the USA
We gathered for a long time on our trip to the USA, prepared in advance for it and made a detailed itinerary so that during a trip to America we could see as many sights and just interesting places as possible, see how ordinary Americans live and get acquainted with their culture and wonderful nature, preserved in national parks, You can talk about what happened in the end for a very long time since so much experience has been accumulated that you cannot cover everything in one article. Nevertheless, I will try to do it in the form of a brief overview of what you can see in the US and why people generally go to America.

USA trip plan
Two weeks, maybe three – this is how this visit was planned from the very beginning. The US route started in Los Angeles and I wanted to see more of the wonders that the US Southwest has: canyons and deserts. This, in general, was my trip to the United States.

Los Angeles travel guide

But a plan is such a fragile thing, capable of falling not just under the trumpets of Joshua, but even in front of a beautiful picture that will instantly oblige you to look for where such beauty is. And even if the trip becomes uncomfortable, hooks are formed in it, then quite by accident, it will be discovered that there are things in the plan that are in no way connected with the southwestern canyons. How? Miracles!

Route of travel in the USA by car

If you are working out a route to Lassen Volcanic National Park (in northern California), then looking upon the map suddenly, you will notice a beautiful blue circle with an amazing name – Crater Lake. And this lake is already in Oregon. And this is already the north of the USA, northwest.

What? Shouldn’t you take a little detour? Yes! What else is there in Oregon? Oh, an extinct volcano that can be climbed, oh, the well of Thor! Excellent! We go deeper and create a new route. What two weeks are there?
And the most striking thing about this story is that Lassen the volcanic disappeared from the route. It was a mandatory part of the program during the initial thinking phase. However, it disappeared, replaced by an ancient forest of the tallest sequoias.

And so, I understand that I drove to the very north, and the Olympic National Park is already behind, I am almost at the Canadian border and still have not visited a single canyon! How is it possible to visit the USA and not see the canyons? It just shouldn’t be! And now we have to go south.

But how can you go to Wyoming (goal: to see Yellowstone, of course) and not visit Devil’s Tower? Even if you go to her – make a decent detour and lose a day, or even two, taking into account the return?

Well, further east in South Dakota, there is the amazing Badlands Park. So, so be it, let’s go there too. Do you understand? The plan is stuck in the northern states. And not a single canyon has yet been included in the route!

The idea of living in a tent on campsites

Okay, finally, we go down the map and get to the fabulous Arches. And then there is the Canyonlands and the House of Fire, hidden from prying eyes, very close by! Only now it turns out that housing in the neighboring town has already been sold out, and the remaining motels and hotels are frightening with their prices. And immediately you think: where, then, to sleep? And how can one say that he saw Death Valley, if he did not meet the dawn there, and did not spend the sunset on Racetrack? But … But what about campgrounds? Sometimes you can sacrifice comfort for the sake of unearthly beauty. Of course, yes, of course, you can!

And the concept, not only the route of travel but is also changing with lightning speed. Now it’s not just a trip. Now we go camping in a tent, a kettle, a saucepan, and a frying pan, we will meet the sunrises in the most beautiful places and cook pasta over the fire. We’re going camping in America! Explore what the ocean floor has been turned into by its modern inhabitants.

US National Parks in California, Arizona, and Utah
And what’s there? The brainchild of stone and water Antelope Canyon, Giant Horseshoe, and the famous Grand Canyon! There are three wonderful Joshua trees, cacti, and giant sequoias! Blue Lake Tahoe is waiting for those wishing to relax, Kings Canyon invites you to the best trails of the whole country, and Yosemite shines in the sun so that you can’t believe in its existence!

Grand Canyon travel guide

And that’s not all. A completely different world opens up in the southwest. The former seabed has become the amazing states of Arizona and New Mexico, which are fraught with secrets for centuries. Here history lies right under your feet – in petrified trees, in Indian ruins or the Sunset volcano, which destroyed everything around, and now life is reborn on its slopes. The history of the atomic age also lies in the white sands of the town of Alamogordo. The history of ancient mankind is hidden underground in the caves of Carlsbad. And how many unexplained mysteries are there in the UFO Museum in Roswell? And aren’t the petroglyphs at Albuquerque directly related to this museum? Isn’t it worth exploring and seeing all this?

California Route by Car

But what will it take to be able to comfortably and happily explore America?

How to prepare for an independent trip to the USA
1-Of course, first, you need to get a US visa and do it at the very first stage of travel planning.
2-Buy air tickets to the USA (always after issuing a visa!) To the USA and, if necessary, to the USA. You can always fly by low-cost in order to save money.
3-Rent a car or explore the US transportation system
We took a car to travel around the US right at the airport, which we booked here
4-Get travel insurance for a trip to the United States, since the medicine in America is very expensive, and in which case you will have to pay all expenses out of your pocket. You can get insurance online immediately at Tripinsurance, or compare the conditions and prices of different insurance companies on the Cherehapa website.

5-Book your stay. You need to make a reservation in advance in the necessary hostels, motels, or hotels in key cities or national parks, especially on weekends.
•It turned out to be the most convenient and cheapest way to book hotels in advance on Booking.com
•You can trust the chance and find accommodation as you move along the route. In the USA, this can be done quite simply using the Priceline website.
•Better to combine both options and also compare housing prices on the Hotelluk.ru website
•For a long stay in one city (1 week or more), it is profitable to book an apartment or apartment on the well-known Airbnb website

6-In the very first national park, buy the Annual pass for $ 80 and hang it on the glass of the car. Usually, the entrance to the National Park costs from 15 to 25 $, so if you intend to visit more than 4 or 5, then it is quite possible that this annual pass to the US National Parks will pay off. It operates in all parks, forests, and other places with the word National in the name (Each State park will have to be paid separately, their single tickets are too expensive, $ 150). The ticket is valid for all passengers in one car. You can buy it at the entrance to the very first park.
If even $ 80 seems like a high price to you, then try to buy the Annual pass from those who have already visited national parks. Again, as the name suggests, the US National Parks pass is valid for a whole year from the date of purchase. And it can have two owners. Therefore, when repurchasing, you need to ensure that its validity period covers the time of your trip. It would also be nice if there was only one signature on the pass. Thus, you can put your own there and become a full owner. Indeed, at the entrance to the national park, rangers sometimes ask to show an identity card with a signature in order to verify it with the one on the pass. We sold our pass at half price after returning from a trip to the USA, so expect to pay $ 40 in that case.
7-If you want to visit national parks not only during the day but also spend the night there to meet the sunrise or enjoy the beautiful sunset, then consider purchasing a tent and other useful things for camping… This can be done at the Walmart store chain. Including you can place an order online, pay by credit card and everything you need will be brought to the store that is convenient for you. But it’s better to think about it in two weeks, as some goods may be delivered to your chosen store from other states! And you will be able to track the delivery track of your order and be aware of when your order is fully assembled and ready for delivery. Please note that not all goods will be able to be delivered on time. Yes, and your order will be waiting for you only 10 days from the moment of full packaging in the store you have chosen. Therefore, you can pick up a partial order and issue a refund. And if you don’t make your purchase, the amount withheld from the card will be returned to you in two weeks.
8-Gather information about the places you want to visit. Pay attention to various useful tips and about which places at what time of the day it is better to be, where to see the sunrise, and where – the sunset. To do this, you can use the stories of travelers, including information from our website.

9-Paper maps of cities, states, and national parks that you plan to visit will not be superfluous. The most complete information on each National Park is available from the ranger in the visitor center (Visitor Center) Park. Although upon entering the park, you will be given a detailed map of the park and a newspaper with up-to-date information free of charge, this may well be enough. GPS and Google maps on your phone and other programs like IGo will also help you navigate better in big cities like Los Angeles. And in the old fashioned way, why not bring a colorful travel guide with you? But of course, it’s better to compose it yourself!
10-A local SIM card with internet will help you search for information on the way, book hotels, or call to book camping. Not everyone has online reservations, especially on Indian reservations. So the tariff with Internet access will help to find out the phone number and then call the number.
Apparently, Simple mobile SIM cards are the most profitable. The SIM itself costs $ 13, and the tariff is $ 40. If you do not need to constantly call home, then this tariff is suitable. You can call your relatives using skype.
11- An inverter is one of the best gadgets that can help you along the way if you have a lot of equipment with you. While you are driving, you can charge your phone, camera, laptop, camera, tracker, tablet, and other devices that require charging.
But the most important thing! Take a good mood with you! And then the experience will be unforgettable!