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Travel to Egypt: main directions and their features


Egypt is the oldest tourist destination on earth. Its fascinating history, stretching back centuries, attracts millions of tourists every year, and its vibrant sea, rich underwater life, and serene beaches make Egypt a top destination for seaside holidays.

Egypt with its ancient monuments from time immemorial has captured the imagination of travelers for several millennia. This country is so diverse and colorful that it is difficult to reflect all this in just one article.

Yet the best places in Egypt, from the great pyramids to the Valley of the Kings, the Western Desert and the Red Sea, deserve to come here at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Cairo
    This place is rightfully considered the best to visit in Egypt because it is the oldest monument in the history of human civilization and one of the most mysterious objects in the world.

The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are probably the most popular ancient site in the world, as well as the only surviving ancient seven wonders of the world. The territory of the pyramids is huge and offers many tours and excursions, including horseback riding or camel riding. Go for an inspection as early as possible, it is best to come to the opening of the complex, at this time it is not so hot, there are fewer tourists and local guides themselves. Those who want to see everything on foot should be allocated at least 4 hours, and those visiting the pyramids on camels will need about 2 hours. It should be noted that near the most popular tourist attraction in Egypt, there are many not entirely conscientious guides, which makes the inspection of the pyramids somewhat stressful.

  1. The capital of Egypt – Cairo
    There are many iconic landmarks in Cairo that you must visit during your journey through the capital of Egypt.

Perhaps the first on the list of your places should be the Egyptian Museum, which contains many artifacts of antiquity. Also, Cairo is famous for its mosques, the most outstanding of them being the Sultan Hassan Mosque. The city is also famous for its numerous bazaars where you can buy anything you want. It is also interesting to visit the old city center, which is a very colorful and vibrant place. Don’t forget to take the Nile River cruise every night. During the river walk, you can see the lights of night Cairo, as well as dine and admire the oriental dances, depending on the ticket purchased.

  1. Luxor – the largest open-air museum
    Luxor, the city of a thousand gates of Thebes, was the capital of ancient Egypt during the golden era of the new kingdom. In those early days, the great pharaohs ruled Egypt from Luxor and built a great empire that ruled over many countries.

Luxor, one of the best places to visit in Egypt, contains about one-third of all monuments in the world. The best place to visit in Luxor is the royal tomb of the ancient pharaohs – the Valley of the Kings, which contains many of the rich tombs of the kings of Egypt and the famous tomb of King Tutankhamun. In addition, you can visit the Valley of the Queens, which was used as a necropolis for the queens of Egypt.

There are incredible temples on the east bank of Luxor, the largest of which is the Karnak Temple. It is considered the largest temple in the world, with a construction duration of 2,000 years. It houses the world’s largest hypostyle hall and amazing graffiti, many obelisks, and mosaics. There is also the Luxor Temple, which is slightly smaller than the temple at Karnak but is considered the best-preserved. It is worth noting that the famous obelisk, which is now located in Paris, on the Place Le Con de Concorde, was brought from this temple. Luxor also boasts impressive desert and river landscapes, making it a very varied and interesting city to visit.

  1. Alexandria – the city of Alexander the Great
    The city of Alexander the Great, located on the Mediterranean coast, is considered the second capital of Egypt with a population of about 7 million. Alexander the Great founded this city in 331 BC and was once regarded as a crossroads in the world.
    . Many of Alexandria’s most famous historical sites, including the library, which contained over 700,000 manuscripts, were destroyed by earthquakes in the 14th century.

Today, the city is just a shadow of its former splendor, but it is still worth visiting for its many cultural attractions. The best places to visit in Alexandria are, first of all, the National Museum and the Catacombs, the Library of Alexandria, and the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

  1. Aswan and Abu Simbel
    Abu Simbel, the pearl of the desert, is an archaeological site that includes two massive temples in southern Egypt. The twin temples were originally carved from the mountain slopes during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses the Great and were presented as a monument to him and his queen Nefertari.

Archaeologists concluded that the enormous size of the statues was intended to scare potential enemies approaching the southern region of Egypt along the Nile River. Over time, the temples ceased to be used for their intended purpose and eventually became covered with sand, until in 1813 they were rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Jean-Louis Burkhart.

The complex was completely relocated in the 1960s to prevent them from being submerged, during the creation of Lake Nasser, a massive artificial reservoir formed after the construction of the Aswan Dam on the Nile River.

  1. the White Desert and Siwa Oasis

Desert exploration is one of the most popular activities in Egypt. Typically, most tourists visit the White Desert, which got its name from the white color of the chalk rock, which was formed due to wind erosion over millions of years.

Initially, this white desert was a large ocean, the climate changed and the water evaporated, and then the wind turned the white chalk into amazing shapes that resemble animals and birds, plants, and mushrooms. The desert atmosphere is characterized by its tranquility and serenity, making it one of the best trekking destinations in Egypt.

Siwa Oasis, located on the western border of Egypt and surrounded by the Great Sandy Sea, is no less unique. This Oasis was isolated from the rest of Egypt until the 19th century. Siwa has many famous and unique temples, one of them is the temple of the god Amun, which makes the oasis a place of pilgrimage. Also, there are such interesting sights as the Mountain of the Dead and the Cleopatra Springs.

The White Desert and Siwa Oasis are considered the best places for camping, sandboarding, and desert safari. Such a unique and unusual vacation will be remembered for a long time.

  1. Cruise on the Nile River
    A Nile cruise is the best way to explore Egypt. This great river for thousands of years was the main transport channel of the country since ancient times served the Egyptians for the transport of goods. Egypt owes its greatness and the possibility of such a colossal development, first of all, to the Nile River.

There is no better way to follow the history of Egypt than following the great path of antiquity, from Luxor to Aswan or from Aswan to Luxor. The longest cruise, from Cairo to Aswan, combines all the important points of the country, and its duration is about two weeks. The Nile cruise is an integral part of all classic Egypt tours.

  1. Hurghada and the Red Sea
    Hurghada is one of the best beach destinations for tourists from Europe and Russia. At the moment, there are more than 500 resorts here, and Elguna is considered the most luxurious place in the region. Here you can try everything from water sports, the best diving and snorkeling, to vibrant nightlife and serene beach holidays. The unique coral reefs located right off the coast, as well as sandy beaches and the absence of large waves, make a holiday in Egypt truly fabulous.
  2. Egyptian Riviera: Sharm El Sheikh
    Sharm El Sheikh is a renowned beach resort on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, one of the best diving and beach destinations in Egypt.

There are many things to do in Sharm El Sheikh besides spending time on the beach. You can go on jeep safaris, quad bikes, or camel treks through the desert. Some of the most popular day trips include trips to Ras Mohammed for amazing snorkeling, a safari to the Colored Canyon, and an overnight trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai. In addition, Sharm El Sheikh is considered a suitable place for families with children