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Travel to Africa 2021: where you can already, how much it costs


We often hear from our tourists how they dreamed of getting to Africa since childhood, and now for many, this dream has already come true. What stands in the way of your dream? Fears and lack of information. Fears that it is not safe, that it is wild, unsanitary conditions, illness, on the other hand, that it is expensive. And it’s not at all clear how, where, why.

Everything is easier when organizing tours to Africa has been your work for 17 years, you have accumulated tremendous experience, the amount of information, and connections work throughout the continent from Morocco to Cape Town.

In this post, we will briefly share everything you need to know when planning your trip to Africa.

Which countries have already opened, what you can see there and how much it costs.

  1. Tanzania: safari and vacation in the Zanzibar archipelago.
    One of the first countries to open borders for Russians. A visa for Russians is placed on the spot or obtained online in advance (3 days, $ 50), vaccinations are not needed. Now allowed to fly regular flights on Turkish Airlines, Emirates + Fly Dubai, during normal times Qatar Airways (waiting for permission in October), many flights from Europe. Previously, there were options through Cairo, and there were direct flights Moscow-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), when the latter will resume is still unknown, we are waiting. Flight prices from 50 thousand rubles. per person round trip. The cost of the tour, depending on the program and hotels if you take a classic safari and Zanzibar for 2 from 5000 dollars for 10 days. If only Zanzibar from 550 dollars 10 days.

Why go?
See wildlife and African animals on a safari. Stay in exotic hotels. Relax in Zanzibar. For those who like fishing, Lake Victoria is a great choice, where you can also trek chimpanzees in the forest. Is it possible for children? Yes, and you should! Travel safe, a large selection of hotels, private safari.

  1. Kenya.
    Opened borders, flight similar to Tanzania. Visa online $ 50 No vaccinations needed. Prices for a classic safari are slightly lower than in Tanzania. It’s great with children. We also watch a safari and swim in the ocean. A special highlight is a hotel with giraffes and exclusive private reserves.
  2. The rest of the African countries have already opened, and plans to open others.

South Africa opens borders for Russians from 12 November 2020
There are no direct flights yet, so you can fly on Turkish Airlines, Emirates, through Europe, in a word, there are a lot of options.

You need to write a separate post about what to see in South Africa, where we will briefly list: 2 oceans, vineyards, safaris in luxurious reserves throughout the country, a beach with penguins and encounters with seals, a desert with bushmen, mountains and canyons, diving and turtle nesting, gorgeous Cape Town, Gardens Road and more. South Africa is ideal for traveling with children, as there is a developed infrastructure, good roads, and hotels for every taste and budget.
Zambia – International flights to Lusaka have opened. Visa upon arrival. Turkish, Emirates, we are waiting for the rest.

What’s interesting: Victoria Falls, a safari in rarely visited national parks. The waterfall is usually combined with South Africa, Botswana (still closed), and Namibia (borders open). Tours to the waterfall 2-4 days with excursions from $ 320 and more, depending on the hotel and excursion program.

Safari in Zambia is suitable for fans of wild untouched nature, there are excellent fishing, hiking, and canoeing excursions. The budget is above average, 6000 dollars for 2 is not the limit.

Zimbabwe – announced to open October 1. Flights and excursions are similar to Zambian ones, but there are many more options for inexpensive vacations. In both countries, vaccinations are not required. Some safaris have age restrictions for children (from 6 years old, if younger, it is decided by agreement).
Rwanda has opened up. Visa upon arrival. We fly Turkish, Emirates. Yellow fever vaccine. We watch safari and gorillas (children are allowed to trek from 12 years old). Trekking to gorillas is more comfortable, the permit costs $ 1,500 per person.

Uganda opening from October 1st. Gorilla trekking is 2 times cheaper, but trekking through the mountain impenetrable forest, safari, rafting, fishing, Murchison Falls.
Namibia has opened, a visa is not required for Russians. We are flying Turkish, Emirates, waiting for Qatar Airways. No vaccinations are needed. We look at two deserts, the safari, the Himba and Bushmen tribes, the Atlantic with seals and oysters. Hotels from simple to VIP and Super Luxury. Tour prices from $ 6,000 for 2 + flight. Self-drive is popular, then it turns out cheaper.
Segal, Ghana, Benin, and others opened from West Africa, about this in a separate article. Examples of tours here.

We hope you have benefited from this article. We will be glad to receive comments, wishes, questions, and of course likes.

And of course, we will be happy to make your dream tour to Africa.